You may recognize Patricia Kara as the holder of suitcase #9 from the TV show ‘Deal or No Deal.’ 

Along with her ‘Deal’ costars, Patricia Kara was once one of People Magazine’s ’100 Most Beautiful People’ and had a starring role in the hit Trace Adkins’ country music video ‘Marry for Money.’

Patricia sat down for an interview but unfortunately didn’t bring her numbered briefcase. She did bring her charming personality and a high tolerance for our dumb questions. She may have been number nine on TV but we consider her a 10 and made her the ‘Crush of the Day.’

Guy Speed: You have a long list of acting credits, but snagging a spot on “Deal or No Deal” must have been huge for you. How would you sum up your experience opening case #9?

Patricia: Being on Deal or No Deal was very exciting and life changing in so many ways and it opened many other doors for me!

GS: Did anyone ever get angry at you for having a “bad” suitcase? We used to get mad and we were only watching from our basement.

Patricia: No, never had a contestant get mad, but I definitely felt bad.

GS: When ‘Deal or No Deal’ was over, did you get to keep the briefcase? It would be funny if you used it to travel or to go to Starbucks with a laptop.

Patricia: I was lucky enough to get my #9 briefcase when we finished shooting the day time show.  Howie even signed it!  Too bad I didn’t get the million dollars with it.

GS: What’s your relationship status?

Patricia: I am engaged!

GS:  Ugh. Isn’t that always the way? We had chloroform flowers ready and were going to ask you out. So, when you were in the dating scene, what kind of things impressed you in a guy?

Patricia: What always impressed me was a sense of humor and kindness. Physically….I would have to say arms and chest.

GuySpeed: Who is your celeb crush?

Patricia: My celeb crush is Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Aniston.

GS: Ryan Gosling. That’s a new one. Kidding. We think every woman has to say his name or be shunned from the group. Jennifer Aniston you say? That’s kinda hot. Speaking of hot, congrats on your new fitness video. What do you to keep your body in mint condition?

Patricia: Thank you. I am very excited about the release of the video. The trainer, Jeanette Soloma Hale designed the routine and it is really good! I stay active and eat healthy. I powerwalk every day and do the video a few times a week. I also go hiking, biking or blading. I like to change it up. As for what I eat…I eat fairly well….veggies, fruits, fish and beef. And if I have a craving for something I will have that too.

GS: You were in a video with country star Trace Adkins. Is that dude really 8 feet tall or does it just look that way on TV?

Patricia: Trace Adkins really does look 8 feet tall even in person!

GS:We want to make our own fitness video but we’ve got a huge problem — we are out of shape and don’t own leotards. Would you suggest getting in shape first, or buying leotards first?

Patricia: I would suggest buying the leotards first and wearing them….it’s a great incentive to work out!

GS: What’s next for you?

Patricia: I hosted a pilot for a show called ‘Hit Music Central’ that just got picked up. Also a Beauty Correspondent for the Greek beauty line Korres. And working with young girls that are trying to get into the entertainment business.


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