Sin Cara is a WWE wrestler who gives a smackdown to opponents while shirtless and wearing a mask. He’s also a WWE wrestler who almost had a shirt released of himself dripping in gold, a dripping that is separated at his legs with what looks like, unfortunately, male genitalia. Very large and happy male genitalia. This isn’t some hidden on the cover of Little Mermaid stuff, either.

How this made it through WWE’s checks and balances, and actually onto a product line, we do not know but it does take a little while to notice. It’s kind of like those old magic eye posters. You can’t see the boat right away, but once you do, you always see it. In this case the boat looks like a dinghy.

Too bad WWE pulled the shirt because it would have made a great gift for all the accidental penises on your Xmas list.

[Via SEScoops]