This year’s monsoon season has brought on heavy rain, and with the rain comes the weeds - lots of weeds.

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Now, code inspectors are on patrol notifying property owners or tenants of violations of overgrown vegetation.

The recent rainfall has weeds sprouting up throughout the El Paso community from homes to public spaces and has even turned our desert landscape into an unrecognizable green and lush oasis.

Samuel Bravo III
Samuel Bravo III

But while the mountains look beautiful, the tall grass and weeds are more of a nuisance and can bring on fines and liens if not dealt with accordingly.

Overgrown vegetation can harbor mosquitoes, rodents, and other unwanted creatures that impact the public’s health and safety. Clearing out weeds not only helps with allergies but also prevents fire hazards.

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If your yard currently looks a bit like a jungle, watch out because Code Enforcement is leaving notices telling property owners they need to clear their overgrown property.

Environmental Services reminds the public to avoid code violations related to weeds by trimming overgrown vegetation in their yards, as well as surrounding areas such as parkways and alleys abutting their properties.

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Title 9 of the El Paso Municipal Code states that grass, weeds, or uncultivated plants should not be allowed to grow to 12 inches or taller or become a nuisance.

Homeowners who violate the city ordinance or if your neighbors complain, or the compliance guys driving around take notice; will be warned, cited, or both. If homeowners don’t comply after that, the city will be happy to send a Clean El Paso crew over and clean it up for you, then send you the bill, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Homeowners who do not pay the fines could face liens, making it hard to sell the property later.

To learn more about city codes related to overgrown vegetation visit,

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