Coleman Shannon was born with a condition called Amelia — his right arm ends at elbow.  It didn’t stop the Little League lefty from Johnsonville, South Carolina from pitching seven innings of no-hit ball on April 24. He led his team to a victory.

The 6-foot teen – who is reported to have refused to wear a prosthetic arm at the age 2 – is not only a force to be reckoned with on the mound but is also quite the hitter.  Check out this video of Coleman Shannon basically doing it all on the baseball diamond.

One-handed pitcher Jim Abbott threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians in 1993 but this 14-year old pitcher has one-upped him: he did it with only one arm. Sure, Jim did it against major league hitting, but Coleman is just a kid and kids are usually pretty damn lazy. We know plenty of kids. Some of them are offspring and the others, well, it hasn’t been medically proven yet.

Oh, and the kid can hunt and also plays the guitar. Have you even rolled out of bed yet, slacker? We haven’t, but let’s keep concentrating on you for the moment.

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