More than a few El Paso front-runners could take a lesson or two from Scott Entsminger. You have to have a special kind of passion to follow the Cleveland Browns literally all your life -- and never be rewarded. So you'll excuse his last request if it seems a little harsh.

Entsminger passed away last week at the age of 55, a lifetime of sporting futility encompassing so many despair-inducing moments that fans of every major sport in Cleveland have made them singularly their own. For the Browns, most notably there's The Drive and The Fumble.

Call Entsminger's crack from beyond the grave "The Shot", with apologies to Michael Jordan. Check out the highlights from Entsminger's obituary...

" the Browns can let him down one last time"! A man with a real sense of humor to go along with passion that lasts beyond the grave. Contrary to what NFL Apparel might have you believe, THAT is what being a true fan is all about!