Remember 2019? We did great things like went to concerts, hung out in movie theaters and watched the latest blockbuster, got together at outdoor events like carnivals and food truck rallies. It was all so much fun but then COVID-19 hit and 2020 saw all the amazing events and happenings that we took for granted and it shut them down. This year, it looked like the things that we took for granted were going to be coming back. But the emergence of the Delta variant of COVID-19 is giving us a repeat of what we saw last year.

2019's Feria in Juarez saw a record setting almost half million visitors who had a blast on carnival rides, ate amazing street food, and listened to live bands and other performers from both sides of the border. The three week long fair was supposed to kick off at the end of June of 2020 but the mayor said that the possibility of it sparking a coronavirus outbreak led to the decision to cancel the annual event in our sister city. This year, it's happening again.

Juarez business leaders went to the mayor of that city and asked that the Feria be postponed for the time being, at least until they could get more people vaccinated. According to El Heraldo de Juarez the Feria "is postponed until we are certain that almost one million people from Juarez have been vaccinated, that is, almost 90% of the population over 18 years of age in this municipality."

That's a high goal to reach and it shows that the numbers, no matter what is being reported, are high enough that businesses that would have benefited from the crowds at the Feria are willing to lose out on that money rather than risk an outbreak. It was a smart move to make and hopefully next year we can all celebrate and have fun at the Feria in Juarez.

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