The NFL announced some new rules changes today that will help and also hurt the 2012 Season.

All explanations of the the rules are provided by

Overtime will now be like the playoff overtime rule that was a changed in 2010. Which means, an overtime in the regular season now will end on a team's first possession only if it scores a touchdown or the defense forces a safety. If the team kicks a field goal on its first possession, the opposing team also will get a possession. If it also kicks a field goal, the extra period continues.

This is an outstanding rule change in my opinion, there will be no more ties and the team on defense first, has a ton of pressure.(just ask last years Pittsburgh Steelers)  Like they say, "Defense wins championships".

The other big rule change at the owners meetings, all turnovers will be reviewed by the officials with no coaches challenge needed.

Bad rule. It already takes forever on normal challenges and to much time on reviewing each touchdown that this is going to be a ridiculous amount of extra time added to games. They should have the official in the booth do all the reviewing. Then it would be as fast as in college games and it would not be an issue. Trust me, the longer the game the better but this could be a little longer than everyone is anticipating.

Here are the other rules changes: (good) a team will lose a down for illegally kicking a loose ball; (good) too many men on the field becomes a dead ball foul; and (good) a player receiving a crackback block is now considered a defenseless player and will result in a 15-yard penalty.

What do you think of the new rules? Do you like them?

Let me know your opinion...

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