So the NFL has decided to modify the kickoff by moving forward five yards to the 35, increasing the chances of touchbacks and they hope it will decrease the chances for injures. The 20 yard line will remain the spot on the touchback, instead of the proposed 25 yard line and the two man wedge will still be permitted.  The vote count was 26-6 teams voting in favor of the rule change, but apparently they forgot to ask a lot of the coaches and players of the NFL because a lot of them are upset.  I don't blame them. Why would the NFL in one breath tell the players they're thinking about safety and in the other talk about how they want to expand the season by two more games. The kickoff is one of the most exciting plays in a football game, so it makes no sense why the NFL would try to lower the chances of it in the name of safety.  Football is a violent sport. Straight and simple. We know that, the players know that, the coaches know that.  So nice move NFL, you've made a change that didn't need to be made because nobody wants to see plays like this again: