It’s a classic problem — the more beer you drink, the more likely you are to look ridiculous in a photo and the more likely your friends are going to post that photo online and embarrass you publicly. Thankfully, there is now there is something that can save your pride.

The Norte Photoblocker, which is not yet available in North America, is bound to become every beer drinker’s best friend. The bucket, perfect for holding a few bottles of beer and keeping them cold, also comes with its own sensor that will sense when a camera flash is going off and then trigger its own flash to ruin the photo. Kind of like your Mee-Maw and her wind-up camera during Christmas. Those who have seen it in action say that it works and that it’s been tested in bars in South America.

Based on the commercials, it does seem like the original intent was to keep our wives from seeing pics of us talking to strange women during guys’ night out. The joke is on our wives because women don’t talk to us at bars. So ha!

[via Geekologie]