Photographer Andreas Gursky is a German visual artist who is known for his perplexing landscapes and digital imagery. Gursky snapped the piece of modern art above back in 1999. It’s one step above those accidental snapshots done by a 4-year-old who has stolen his mother’s iPhone.

Here is where it gets nutty –this mediocre pic is the most expensive photo in the world, worth $4.3 million dollars.

Behold!  It’s some…grass…and we’re pretty sure that’s a– lake?  Right?  Maybe? We keep waiting for Little Mac from ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out’ to run by with his bicycling trainer in preparation for his big fight with Bald Bull. Like this…


Gursky claims that his art is meant to bring awareness to the fact that we inhabit a planet and not just buildings.  If this photo is an inhabited planet we’d hate to see photos of an apocalypse.

No wait! It’s not ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.’ It’s ‘Duck Hunt!’



[Via Time]

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