Back in May I did a Really Early Dallas Cowboys 2019 Win-Loss PredictionI had them sitting at 5 and 3 after 8 games, and oh, would you look at that, they're 5 and 3. I didn't predict every game correctly though. Here is how I had the first 8 games going, with the actual games outcome right next to it.


  • Week 1 - vs NY Giants - WIN (WIN)
  • Week 2 - at Redskins - WIN (WIN)
  • Week 3 - vs Dolphins - WIN (WIN)
  • Week 4 - at Saints - LOSS (LOSS)
  • Week 5 - vs Packers - LOSS (LOSS)
  • Week 6 - at Jets - WIN (LOSS)
  • Week 7 - vs Eagles - WIN (WIN)
  • Week 8 - BYE
  • Week 9 - at NY Giants - LOSS (WIN)

Damn, and I was perfect through the first five games. I did have them stumbling a bit to finish the season, ultimately going 9 and 7 overall.

The Cowboys have been good this season, but there have also been moments when it's been really bad. Just look at that Jet game back in week 6. The other two losses weren't exactly terrible though. Both the Saints and Packers games were relatively close.

On the flip side, it seems like the 'Boys needed some black cat magic last night in order to get past the Giants. So what can truly be expected of the Cowboys for the rest of this season?

If I could change it now, I think finishing the final 8 games of the season 5 and 3 isn't an outlandish expectation. 6 and 2 is even possible. But so is 2 and 6.

Dak has looked good for most of the year posting:

  • 2,380 passing yards
  • 16 touchdowns
  • 8 interceptions
  • 69.6 completion %

After the hold out, Zeke has looked good, but he's not dominating the way he has in the past posting:

  • 741 rush yards
  • 6 touchdowns
  • 24 receptions
  • 176 yards receiving
  • 0 receiving touchdowns

The Cowboys have had to battle some injuries this year, but every team does, and they did make one move before the trade deadline, acquiring defensive end Michael Bennett from the New England Patriots.

Thankfully for the Cowboys, the Eagles haven't gone back to the form that won them the Super Bowl a couple years ago, so winning the NFC East is certainly attainable, especially after beating the Eagles earlier this year.

But unfortunately I think it's going to be about the same old story for the Cowboys if they make the playoffs. Win a Wild Card round matchup, then lose in the divisional round. I just don't see them being able to knock off teams like the Niners, Saints, or Packers.

A lot about the season half of the season will come to light with this Sunday night's game as the Cowboys host the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are sitting at 3 losses on the season, but Minnesota is looking up at the Packers in their division, which could cause a little more panic and fire from the Vikes.



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