The New England Patriots were happy to finally get a healthy Rob Gronkowski back on the field a few weeks ago. The Pro Bowl tight end has dealt with numerous injuries the last few seasons and is arguably the best tight end in the NFL. He is also well known for his off-the-field lifestyle, which includes his reputation as one of the game's most notorious party animals. Last weekend, Gronk was hosting a watching party and Question and Answer session at a Foxborough, Massachusetts bar when an Asian fan dressed in his #87 Patriots jersey jumped on stage with him. Afterwards, the Patriots tight end openly mocked him and video of the incident soon surfaced (Thanks to TMZ).

With all the talk recently about the controversy surrounding Richie Incognito and Johnathan Martin, was Gronk's attempt at humor just a bad joke? Or was it nothing more than a guy who loves to party having a fun time at a bar, and someone "just happened" to filming with a cell phone camera? The biggest lesson here is that no action goes unnoticed these days, thanks to cell phones and websites like TMZ.