New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski knows two things. The first is how to play his position better than anyone else. He already has four Pro Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl ring in his first six seasons in the NFL. The second thing is how to party like a champion. Gronk is one of the few NFL superstars who can brag that he is even more fun to watch off the field.

He just returned from the Bahamas after his weekend "Gronk Party Cruise" to the Bahamas with almost 700 fans on board the Norwegian Cruise Liner. In addition to plenty of male Patriots fans, the cruise attracted many of his female admirers.

The Boston Globe sent a few staff writers on board the ship to interview party goers who stayed up until 4am each night with the Patriots superstar and his family. One Patriots fan had so much fun, that she absolutely wouldn't tell the Globe her name when describing the party seen on the cruise ship.

“Am I having a good time? Oh my God, yes! Although I kind of don’t remember last night. I might have blacked out.”

As you could imagine, the Gronk Party Cruise had everything to offer fans, in addition to late night boozing. That included a Q&A with the Gronkowski family, the Gronkowski Family Feud, and even a proposal on the ship.

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