While the world was glued to the tube for San Antonio against Golden State in their second matchup of the 2015-2016 season (myself included), there was another team in the Western Conference that took the court that night. It was the Denver Nuggets going up against the red hot Charlotte Hornets.

Denver was without star forward Kenneth Faried, better known as The Manimal due an injury that will make you chuckle, do double take at the picture, and then chuckle some more. Here is Reggie Miller on the “injury”

There are plenty of athletes, reporters, media outlets, and other taking part in the fun. The Manimal was actually sitting out due to “low back soreness” but due do a typo by the staffer he typed “sack”.

It turns out that Denver didn’t need Faried in the end as they posted a 101-93 win over Buzz City.