On Monday, March 20, I was coming across some news before doing a SportsCenter update while scrolling through some games in the NBA. I saw a quick tab on the right side of the page that read “Craig Sager is no longer in remission”. The first thing that I saw was “no longer” and I automatically clicked it with “no longer having cancer”. I immediately typed in ‘Craig Sager’ on the web browser to find a link to the story.

I didn’t fully read the story and said at the end of the update, “Great news! Longtime Tuner Sports Network reporter Craig Sager says he was informed in February that his cancer is no longer in remission.” It didn’t click until after I turned off my microphone that I completely misconstrued the message and I felt horrible. I also want to thank Bob Moore of the El Paso Times for sending his concern. 

Craig Sager has undergone numerous procedures since the arrival of leukemia in April 2014.  Sager was cleared to return to work in late February/early March 2015 but was later informed, weeks after, that his leukemia returned. Sager's son Craig II donated his bone marrow in a transplant that helped him return to reporting in September 2015. Unfortunately, doctors informed Sager that he was no longer in remission in February and he is taking to HBO in a "Real Sports" special airing 10pm ET on HBO.

Of course I don’t want Sager to have cancer, I don’t want ANYBODY with an illness to have it at all. I apologize for not reading thoroughly and speaking the wrong message in the process.

I am a fan of Craig Sager and wish him a full, healthy, and speedy recovery. I know what it is like to have a loved one battle a life threatening cause such as cancer. My grandfather on my mom’s side passed away from cancer when my mom was in her childhood. My Aunt Laura is a breast cancer survivor and has been battling it for over a decade and a half.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I mixed up the message and I am extremely sorry for it. Keep on fighting Craig, nobody has the presence and character that you do. I’m also one of the only few that digs your outfits and suits. Get well soon.

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