In the light of Batman v Superman just hitting theaters this past week, Superheroes are all the craze. Just recently, Uproxx Sports posted each NBA team's logo redesigned as Superheroes. And honestly, they are pretty freaking cool!

You have the obvious choices such as the Minnesota Timberwolves as "Wolverines", the Atlanta Hawks being "Hawkeye", and the Boston Celtics as "Green Lantern". Then there are some teams that have deeper detailed roots relating to the character such as "Gambit" representing the New Orleans Pelicans because he is from the 504 and the Detroit Pistons as "Iron Man" because of the machinery and industry that the Motor City is known for.

OKC, my team of course, is represented by "Thor" and although he is the God of Thunder I think the choice for him to represent OKC is more fitting to match the power of a Westbrook slam dunk. Perhaps "Thor" can be the new nickname for Russell as he is also known for being "Hustle Westbrook", "Mr. Why Not", "The Westwolf", and "Furious Styles" (that one courtesy of Jalen Rose).

Take a look at the full collection right here

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