We're just so close.

Sunday, May 19th was Game 1 for the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs. Spurs took that win by 22 points making the series 1-0. (Score 105-83)

Tonight, was Game 2 for this series and let me tell you, wow, what a game! I think Memphis is not going down without a fight. Score was 85-85 taking things into overtime. Of course, things were a bit tight throughout said overtime and the San Antonio Spurs took this win too 93-89. Series now stands 2-0.


Tomorrow, May 22nd is Game 1 for the Miami Heat (Go Heat!) and Indiana Pacers. There was a bit of an issue when Pacers Coach Frank Vogel said that the Heat were “just another team” in the way of their goal of winning an NBA title. Later on, it was said that what he actually said was that Miami was the “next team".

Either way it was said, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that both teams have arrived at the Conference Finals and are definitely down to give it all they've got.

Lebron James of the Miami Heat said:

"We're very confident. We'll be ready for them. If we're just another team, you don't prepare, you really don't prepare for just another team. We're not just another team. You have to prepare for us."

Well, guess tomorrow we'll see what's up. As for me, GO HEAT!!