Well, that just made the Spurs lead the 2013 NBA Finals 2-1.

" I have to do whatever it takes. I'm guaranteeing I'll be better tomorrow for sure."

~ Lebron James

That is what Lebron James of the Miami Heat said during todays media availability. (I sure do hope so.)

Game 3 was a good game. One thing for sure, I do know how to recognize a good team and the San Antonio Spurs proved they are still in this. They took lead of the Finals when winning Game 3 on Tuesday night 113-77 (even that score was a bit painful to type.)

Lebron James took a lot of the blame for the Game 3 loss and promises things will be a lot different tomorrow night for Game 4. Lebron missed 14 of his 21 shots including 11 of his 13 attempts. Yesterday, Kaplowitz and I chatted on-air about the Heat/Spurs games and one thing he said that I totally agree with is 'sometimes you have to lose a game' and the Heat probably needed to lose (and this bad too).

On the other hand, the San Antonio Spurs played a great game and are definitely looking forward to Game 4 still in their home court. Unfortunately, it is still on debate whether guard Tony Parker will play on tomorrow's game or not. His injury has been listed as a 'grade 1 right hamstring strain'. Luckily it is the least severe - unfortunately, it is still an injury and during the finals, it is not the time to get hurt, or for that matter play with this injury and have it worsen.

Parker had 6 points and 8 assists in the 27 minutes before getting hurt. Pretty much it all comes down to seeing how he is feeling tomorrow. If Parker does not play, Spurs will likely start Cory Joseph.

Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra stated that he is not even thinking of this being a good thing if Parker doesn't play. He looks at the series being Spurs up 2-1 and the next two games are still in San Antonio.


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