Brad Keselowski may not have won Monday's Daytona 500, but he picked up well over 100,000 Twitter followers with one picture shown on the Fox telecast.  During the now infamous Juan Pablo Montoya red flag, Keselowski tweeted a picture of his vantage point from the front seat of his car.

Some of his fellow drivers chided him, but Keselowski maintained he was having fun and more drivers should partake in the real time tweeting with the fans.  NASCAR drivers have always been accessible to fans, so it makes sense to take that accessibility to the social media websites.

There was some concern having a phone violated NASCAR rules.  Teams are prohibited from having recording devices in cars, and two-way communication devices are supposed to be analog only.  NASCAR maintained Keselowski violated no rules and can keep his phone.

It was very apparent that Keselowski had no intention of gaining any advantage on his fellow drivers.  Like millions of others worldwide, Keselowki just wanted to share his life through social media.  It just so happens his life involves a lot of left turns, corporate sponsorships, and fanfare.


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