Yes. You read that correctly: there is a NAKED YOGA studio in El Paso.

From someone who hasn't done much yoga in his life, the idea of NAKED yoga sounds... intriguing. Now taking care of one's health, both physical AND mental, is VERY important.

And dwelling more into this topic, it's all done with the purpose of bringing couples together. So OF COURSE I had to look more into this.

P.S. while there is NO nudity in this article, I still offer a slight NSFW warning based on the content down below.

When scrolling on the El Paso Reddit, there was a post about a group called Dungeon Hell Paso. On that post, they talked about offering educational workshops to couples that want to add a little more...excitement.

Every month they do workshops that show how to perform BDSM & how to do it in safe manner. And yes... that includes naked yoga.

You might have actually seen Dungeon Hell Paso before if you attended the KLAQ Q-Rotica event back in 2017. You also might have been a younger, pre-Morning Show regular, Nico Adjemian at the event too.

Even back then... he was still pretty dorky.

They also have a YouTube channel where they talk more about how to bring more...excitement in the bedroom, instructional videos, as well as give a tour on what DHP has.

If anyone wants to schedule an appointment, it is only done by phone or email which you can find on their website.

I'm sure if there's anyone who might be interested in attending Dungeon Hell Paso, perhaps the polyamorous family that lived in the mansion Joanna wrote about would go..

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