Unless you are 65 or older, your hair wasn’t gray yet the last time UTEP’s football team was in such a positive position through it’s October games.

Now it’s time to - shall we say - not mess up. There’s a big chance to embrace.
The Miners are 4-3. And get this: It’s looking like 5-3. Coming up Saturday in the Sun Bowl is a UTEP-ilk of yore, C-USA dreg Southern Mississippi. On Saturday, UTEP defeated UT San Antonio … and get this: 34-0. Yes, injuries forced those Antonios to go with a third-string quarterback. But those guys were well noted for having big, tough linemen and a lot of vets. Yet UTEP overcame on both offense and defense. Overcame and poleaxed.
Yes, for the first time in about half a century, the Miners held an opponent to only two first downs.
Yes, on this night in River Walk City, UTEP showed it could pass and receive and not just count on the running of Aaron Jones. Thus the Miners are on the cusp of what hasn’t happened since they went 8-4 in 2005. That is, put on a real winning streak and have El Pasoans scratching their chins in contemplation of … and get this: what bowl game will RSVP an invitation.
Teams can be bowl-eligible at 6-6, , but a .500 record in a bowl just shows there are not enough FBS teams to fill all the slots. So win seven or more and go into post-season with a tad more respect. So on Saturday, as did the Miners against those Antonios, it’s time to roll - make 2014 another 2005. Don’t let a rare ray of light blink out.