When you randomly scroll through TikTok the magical algorithm will throw random videos at you. If you didn't already know, your apps follow your locations and sites you visit, so that adds to the algorithm.

For us El Pasoans, apps will usually show you videos from people around your area. Plus the use of hashtags, makes it completely easy to find people making videos either about, related or just in El Paso.

With the use of the El Paso hashtag, I found Joe Anthony Guerrero. I saw one of his many military posts and wondered if he is stationed at Fort Bliss.

What really caught my eye is Joe has 1.5 million followers!

Now he isn't originally from El Paso, but he embraces our food like he was born and raised here. According to his TikTok profile, he is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but is currently living in El Paso, Texas.

El Pasoans are always a friendly group, so it looks like Joe has happily adjusted to the 915 lifestyle.

As you can see, he even knows how desperate we are for rain.


I love the rain! 🙏🏻

♬ as the world caves in by matt maltese - anaya

He gives people an update on when he is in Atlanta and when he is back in El Paso.


##atl ##georgia ##atlanta

♬ original sound - Joe Anthony Guerrero

He cooks for his fellow military members.


They were pretty good. What do I do to make it better?

♬ original sound - Joe Anthony Guerrero

Shares some behind-the-scenes videos of his military life.


I’d lay my life on the line for battles like these. Hope that’s all of the upcoming ones.🙏🏻@keemymamba @cesar_1535 @barmines_

♬ original sound - Sorry

And yes, he did try Chico's Tacos.


I love all of you thank you! ##fyp ##viral ##military ##positivity ##el ##paso ##texas

♬ Chanel - Silence!!!

Maybe one day Joe will come to one of our events and we can get to do a TikTok with him!

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