What an unbelievable game! The Miami Heat win 115-78. Since the first quarter things were a bit bumpy with the Chicago Bulls as they were playing mean. There were fouls left and right and twice arguments had to be broken up.

The Miami Heat definitely came back with more than just a vengeance. They wanted to prove to the Chicago Bulls that 'they' are in charge. Now they are tied up 1-1 in the series.

It was an intense game as the Bulls had a total of 9 technical fouls, having Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson ejected from the 4th quarter. (Gibson actually being escorted from the arena by police/security. Thursday they will be announcing any and all fines or suspensions. (I think this game must've broken a record on the amount of fouls it had.)

MVP, Lebron James had 19 points as Ray Allen top scored with 21 points including 10 of 10 from the free throw line.

Its going to be a very good and interesting Game 3 ... I can't wait.

I think someone lit the Heat up cuz they are on fire!! (YAY Go Heat!!)