In sports, it is all about marketing and sponsorship dollars. Last spring, the El Paso Chihuahuas quickly landed a big naming rights deal with Southwest University for their downtown Triple-A ballpark. The total dollar figure was never released, but you can bet the the 20-year deal totals in the millions.

In Glasgow, Scottland, Partick Thistle Football Club has been in existence since 1876, making it one of the older soccer franchises in Europe. The team plays in the Scottish Premiership League, the highest level of professional soccer in Scottland. Today, the club announced that they had secured a six figure main sponsorship with Kingsfield Capital Management for at least the next two seasons. According the official press release, a few years back, Mike Wilkins, managing member of Kingsfield Capital Management met David Shrigley, an California-based artist, and both are big Partick Thistle FC fans. When Wilkins discussed a sponsorship of the Glasgow soccer club, he asked Shrigley to design a special logo for his business and mascot for the team. The artist created Kingsley, a combination of the words Kingsfield and Shrigley. However, it is not the name that is disturbing. Take a good look at their new mascot. One of our corporate team members told me that it reminds her of the baby in the sun from Teletubbies. Maybe Kingsley looks like our Amigo Man's parasitic twin that got separated from birth but was allowed to live. The buck teeth, the crooked uni-brow, and a smile that screams "hide the kids!"