The El Paso-born Lucha Libre star Cassandro el Exótico was rushed to the hospital where doctors found a blood clot in his brain.

Saúl Armendáriz, better known as Cassandro el Exótico, is a luchador who was born right here in El Paso. Cassandro is known as the Liberace of Lucha Libre, an extravagant wrestler with high-flying skills and a big personality inside and outside the ring. His name and life have become so well-known Hollywood is going to tell his life story in a movie.

Cassandro el Exótico is a popular wrestler and fans were given a scare this week when he didn't show up for a match. According to some wrestling fans, Cassandro had a match scheduled for Monday and he wasn't feeling well. It was then that doctors discovered the clot.

A video was posted on Facebook of the wrestling event shows the hosts making the announcement that they would be holding a prayer circle for Cassandro, who had been taken to the hospital for a medical emergency:

Later, an official statement was released regarding Cassandro el Exótico's condition and posted on the Solo Lucha Facebook page:


El luchador exótico fue intervenido quirúrgicamente para extraerle un coágulo del...

Posted by Sólo Lucha on Monday, May 10, 2021

We're wishing Cassandro el Exótico a speedy recovery and return to the ring. Lucha libre just isn't the same without this legendary character.

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