I hate to lose; always have. Hated it as a player and as a fan. I'm not a sore loser, but losing bothers me. Sometimes I will have trouble sleeping and I keep replaying certain moments in my head with alternate outcomes. Last night's UTEP loss to Tulsa gave me that uneasy feeling and left me with a few questions to ponder. Why did Julyan Stone kick it out to Jeremy Williams for the last shot instead of driving to basket himself for the game winnner? Why wasn't Stone looking for Randy Culpeppper or Christian Polk to take the last shot? Why couldn't the Miners slow down Tulsa's Justin Hurtt in the 2nd half? Why did UTEP's post players look so overmatched against Tulsa's big men
Despite all these questions, UTEP has lost only twice in conference play. Once in triple overtime, and last night on a shot with 6-seconds left. With Memphis losing, and the  rest of C-USA beating each other up, I still love UTEP's chances as a #1 seed in March for the C-USA Tournament. I also look forward to Marcus Jordan coming to the DHC Wednesday night. Maybe if we spread a rumor that MJ himself will be at the game watching his sons, fans will help sell it out. 

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