The El Paso Locomotive FC obtained their first point in franchise history when they tied the Real Monarchs 0-0 in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday. While one may think a draw on the road is always a good thing, there are exceptions and those who saw the match may feel that what transpired for 90-minutes on the pitch may have qualified for that exception.

In short, the Locomotive did not capitalize on the situation where they played with a one-man advantage for 58 minutes of the match. In the 32nd minute, Monarchs defender Kalen Ryden received a red-card when he pushed El Paso's Derek Gebhard on a fast break.

In a match were the team from El Paso was playing better than their opponents as the match progressed and an unexpected advantage that came in the 32nd minute, one would think that the first franchise victory for El Paso was inevitable.

What resulted was a match were the Locos dominated, but frankly not as much as could be expected for a side that had a numerical advantage. It was actually surprising to see quite a bit of a back and forth match between both teams especially in the second half. Yes, El Paso produced a majority of the threats on goal in the 90 minutes, but that total dominance where any observer of the match would think that at least one goal would surely occur to give the Locomotive the win never came.

Any El Paso supporter could say that 2 points were left behind in Salt Lake and they would not be wrong in that analysis.

The most thorough chance on goal for El Paso came in the 83th minute when Josh Castellanos took a strike from just inside the Monarchs goalbox.

Up next for the Locomotive will be a home match on Saturday, March 23rd  versus the Rio Grande Valley FC.

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