Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? Oh, yes. Lily Collins is the daughter of “Sussudio”-master Phil Collins, but thankfully she didn’t inherit her father’s massive forehead. The London-born actress stars in ‘Mirror, Mirror,’ which opens on March 30th. We will never see that movie, because it has Julia Roberts in it and her laugh HAUNTS US, but Collins is such a foxy little thing that it almost negates that rule.

If things were different, Lily Collins could have been another Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen (though only one at a time), as her first major acting gig was at the age of two in the British TV series ‘Growing Pains.’ The difference between that series and the American ‘Growing Pains’ was primarily that the “Boner” character was named whatever British people call boners. Let us know what you think that word is in the comments.

Lily Collins’s other credits include two episodes of ’90201′ and roles in ‘The Blind Side’ and ‘Abduction.’ She was also supposed to play the lead in the ‘Evil Dead’ remake but dropped out because of “scheduling conflicts.” Worst excuse ever, little missy. You’re lucky you’re cute.