By now, most of you have read the story surrounding the driving while intoxicated arrest of star UTEP running back Aaron Jones. According to the El Paso County case search database, Jones was arrested on February 10th for an alleged misdemeanor DWI. His arraignment date is March 29th and Jones has hired El Paso attorney Jim Darnell to represent him. UTEP head coach Sean Kugler issued the following statement this afternoon:

“We are waiting for the process to fully develop and once I have all the facts, I will evaluate the situation. There are consequences to poor decisions and Aaron (Jones) will be held to the same standard as every other student-athlete in our program.”

When the media first heard about the Jones story earlier today, some were quick to cast their judgement on the former Burges High School star. However, we still do not know of any facts surrounding his arrest last month, and the 21-year old deserves the benefit of the doubt until more details surface. Darnell has been involved in some of high profile NCAA cases involving Johnny Manziel, Tim Floyd, and the Baylor basketball program when it was sanctioned more than 10 years ago.

Despite missing almost all of last season with a foot injury, Jones still ranks eighth all time in career rushing yards for the Miners. He is the face of the UTEP football team and is a big part of the local focus on recruiting that head coach Sean Kugler has stressed since he arrived back in El Paso more than three years ago. Kugler has been a strict disciplinarian with his program, and there is non reason to think that he would treat Jones any different than any of his players. However, there is still four weeks until his arraignment and there will come a time soon when Aaron Jones will address the media. Until then, let's not be his judge, jury, and executioner.