There is an old saying that goes, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."  For the second time in three years Les Miles has gotten into bed with Michigan just to tell them thanks but no thanks.  The 'Mad Hatter' of Baton Rouge is a hard one to figure.  Is he listening to the University of Michigan as a professional courtesy to his alma mater and the school that gave him his start in coaching, or is he reminding LSU that he is a wanted man?  Miles was a teammate of Michigan A.D. Dave Brandon, and got his coaching start under the ultimate 'Michigan man,' Bo Schembechler.

The more pressing issue is that Michigan is not the program it once was.  Jim Harbaugh had professional aspirations, but even the former Michigan quarterback had little interest in the job.  Notre Dame seems to be heading in the right direction under Brian Kelly, so that leaves Michigan as the historic program living on its name and legacy.  I personally believe San Diego State's Brady Hoke would be the perfect choice for Michigan.  He is low key, disciplined,  and delivers wins.  After all Michigan needs wins more than anything else right now.