Times are tough, especially if you're a poor college student. So, sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Or just steal.

An LSU student is accused of breaking into Tiger Stadium on Sunday and stealing $1,500 of merchandise.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Oh, and by merchandise, we mean beer. 19-year-old Bryce Pelayo Tilotta allegedly stole numerous cases of beer from the arena.

According to an affidavit, LSU Police say a group of college-age men was spotted with several cases of beer near Tiger Stadium around 3:00 am on Sunday. When they saw the cops, they ran away.

How the group entered the stadium is still unclear. Campus police were not able to catch them on foot at the time.

However, surveillance video captured the men earlier that night loading cases of beer into a black pick-up truck. Officers then tracked the truck to the Spruce Hall parking lot where they were able to find the owner, which was Tilotta.

Officers were granted consent by Tilotta to search his room and there they found the missing cans.

Tilotta admitted to stealing the beer and was arrested on one count of burglary.

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