If you're tired of stepping on those leftover LEGO brick pieces, donate them instead to the LEGO Replay program.

Ship your unused LEGO bricks at no cost to you and change a child’s life with LEGO’s Replay program.

Play has the ability to empower and change a child’s life. Playing enhances learning, and cognitive skills, collaboration, and problem-solving including helping to develop a child’s creative thinking process.

The power of play is what inspired LEGO Replay – a new pilot program in partnership with Give Back Box, Teach For America, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.  The brick recycling program accepts all previously used LEGO bricks and donates them to children’s nonprofits across the United States.

LEGO has made the process super easy because the program’s success wholly relies on donations, making it easy to ship your used bricks:

How Does It Work

  • Collect your leftover LEGO pieces (no need to wash them)
  • Box all of your LEGO pieces, or sets
  • Print out a free shipping label at http://www.givebackbox.com/lego/#xlink
  • Have your package picked up or drop off at your nearest post office

All packages make their way to the Give Back Box facility, where each brick will be cleaned, sorted, and inspected by hand before being sent out to non-profits across America.

Teach For America will receive the majority of the elements and will provide them to thousands of classrooms across the country ready for kids when they finally head back to the classroom.

For more information on the LEGO Replay program visit lego.com/en-us/campaigns/replay


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