Lara Stone is our crush today for proving that no one, not even a ridiculously paid fashion model, is perfect looking. Lara has more than a few physical flaws, which shall now be discussed, just to feel better about our own grotesque imperfections. Lara is an example to all young women that beauty comes from the inside. Unless you’re ugly on the inside, then, it can be masked by beauty on the outside. If you’re ugly both inside and out, you’re probably S.O.L.

Lara is know for the trademark gap between her two front teeth. She is also known for her odd runway walk, thanks in part, to the teeny size 7 feet on her 5’9 frame. Despite these huge, glaring deficiencies that would crush the soul of the normal human, Lara managed to survive and climb to the top of the modeling industry mountain. Lara is currently ranked as the world’s number one fashion model by the international modeling site is currently ranked the 4th most likely website to run a feature in which models are ranked. Lara ranked number 7 on the Forbes’ ‘World’s Top-Earning Models’ list this year with estimated earnings of $4.5 million. That piece of information was ranked 1st on a list of “things that kind of tick us off today.”

Lara was featured on the August 2009 cover of W magazine, who declared her ‘Fashion’s It Girl.’ We have no idea what that means and only hope it involves a giant game of tag played only by fashion models. “Stop running so fast Giselle! I haven’t eaten this week.”