Who steals cats?

Seriously? Why would you steal a kitten?

The great, caring people at Sun City Kitty recently posted about two kittens that were stolen from them on July 17th or early July 18th.

What is even more heartbreaking is these cats were still undergoing treatment for an infection and could be suffering without their medication. All the staff is asking for is any information to get these kittens back.

If anyone wanted to adopt them, they could have just waited a few days to do so. That is the beauty of Sun City Kitty helping introduce these kittens to El Pasoans. They help get them healthy, get them friendly with people and make sure each kitten matches up with their new owners.

Sadly, Splinter and Leonardo will not be able to go through the Sun City Kitty process of finding a new home. I honestly hope any kitty guardian angels are helping these kitties where ever they are.

If you have any information on where these cats may be, please contact Sun City Kitty on their Facebook page.

As for the other cats still available for adoption, you can also go and spend some time with them at the cat cafe. From there you can start the process to adopt one of these furry angels.

If you are like me and have a hard time saying no to adopting a cat, then you might want to really think about visiting. Those little eyes are so hard to resist BUT if you can provide a happy, healthy home for a new kitten, please do.

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