This kid wasn't having it.

Watch as the Christmas Grinch comes into a house while two little boys are on the couch watching television.

The Grinch storms in and one kid is taken back and breaks down in tears. The other little boy, who is on the couch with him, is having none of it and immediately begins to defend his "ground".


As the Grinch makes his way toward the tree, one kid becomes very aggressive and then someone steps in and pulls the kid back.

Well, the Grinch plays the part and begins to take presents from under the tree and the kid continues to defend his home.

Some on social media say that this prank went too far, while others are applauding the kid for defending what is his.

Check out this wild video below and let us know what you think. Did the parents of these kids allow the prank to go too far?

This video has been viewed 42 million times.


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