To say that Kevin Love has been a huge addition to the Cavs since he arrived by way of a trade a couple of years ago is an understatement. Dropping 20+ points any game is almost a given, dropping dimes to LeBron is effortless, but what about dropping a fresh wad of mucus during a game? Yes, you read that correctly and it's all on video. It all transpired live game during a match with the New York Knicks. Don't believe me, check this for yourself. Oh, and if you're really dangerous have a snack on deck to eat while viewing this special event.

Cleveland would eventually go on to blow out the Knicks 126-94 while their star big man blew out a fresh gang of green goo from his sniffer. That win advanced the Cavs to a 15-5 record while the Knicks fell to 12-10 on the season. Aside from the mucus master dropping a sticky string of snot, he also dropped a cool 21 points. Formerly known as one of the Bruise Bros in Minnesota, he has now taken on the moniker Love the Loogie Legend.

Perhaps the Cavaliers can get Kleenex to be their jersey sponsor in the upcoming years.

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