El Paso sports hall of famer and Sportstalk host Steve Kaplowitz came to Bassett Middle School today to talk to the Iceman's Speech class. 

Kappy began by bringing the Sportstalk tradition to Bassett by asking the students a Cowboys trivia question.  The prize was a signed Terrance Williams photo from the Sports and Get Fit Expo.  This was a fantastic way to instantly get my student's attention.  Steve talked about his 19 plus years in radio and the media, and how it has drastically changed since he got into the business in the mid 90's.

Kaplowitz discussed the significance of social media today, how it has changed the world, and how easy it is to receive information instantly.  He asked the students to imagine a world where there was no facebook, twitter, instagram, cell phones, or other fun devices that they have toady.  He mentioned, "that's what it was like when I was growing up."  Kappy told my students how they can use social media to their advange and how important it is.

Steve talked about what kind of topics he discuses on the radio including news about UTEP, the Cowboys, and Chihuahuas.  He noted in today's world a sportscaster doesn't just perform on air, but must also be able to utilize social media and be a good writer as well.

Kappy told my students about how radio stations earn revenue, how commercials are sold, and what the purpose of the FCC is.  He ended his visit by answering numerous questions and giving my students great advice on why they should be good communicators, mentioning that there are countless times when they will have to speak in front of people and present themselves in a professional manner.   Steve gave each one of my students an El Paso Chihuahuas schedule and a 600 ESPN El Paso sticker.

My special thanks to Kappy for taking time out of his day to come talk to my Speech class, you truly intrigued and informed my students!


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