On Friday, February 28th, 2020 you can go out and support your local ice hockey team, The El Paso Rhinos for a movie night at Alamo Drafthouse. For those who love 'Happy Gilmore' you will love it even more while watching it with all the amazing members of the EP Rhinos.

These guys are not just all play, they like to work on greeting the community with promotional items and giveaways. Before the movie, the EP Rhinos will be in the lobby of the West side Alamo Drafthouse to meet and greet fans, as they hand out some awesome freebies. I have been to some Rhinos events and they do a great job with promotional items.

If you are interested in enjoying a nice meal, hanging out with the El Paso Rhinos and watching Adam Sandler get hit in the face, then make sure to purchase your tickets now over at Alamo Drafthouse or online.


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