John McEnroe is 56 years old and still enjoys playing tennis. Despite being 23 years retired from professional tennis, McEnroe's competitive juices have not slowed down a bit. He joined Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his career and the sport that made him famous. When Kimmel brought up Serena Williams, McEnroe did not shy away from a potential Battle of the Sexes 2. "I believe that I could still take her," the former seven-time Grand Slam champion told ABC's late night talk show host. "I have a lot to lose because if I lose to God forbid a woman, than I would not be allowed in any men's locker rooms for the next 15 years or possibly the end of my life."

Although there are rumors that Bobby Riggs threw the historic tennis match to Billie Jean King more than 40 years ago, the significance of her victory was enormous for women's rights. Since many sports fans are not nearly as interested in the current state of tennis, a Serena vs. Johnny Mac exhibition would get a ton of attention. As much as I have always respected McEnroe's competitiveness on the court, I think Williams would get the best of him in this dream match. It would definitely be must-see TV.

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