It wouldn't be the fourth of July without the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, New York.

For the eighth consecutive year Joey Chestnut won this rigorous competition, and did so by eating a whopping 61 hot dogs.  Chestnut known as "Jaws" accomplished this unprecedented feat by defeating some fierce completion which included the likes of Matt Stonie who polished off 56 dogs, and Tim Janus who ate 44.

Chestnut's astonishing 61 hot dogs that he consumed in ten minutes is truly an incredible number to eat considering that the average American may only eat around 70 dogs per year.  It was an extra special day for the champ who proposed to his girlfriend and fellow competitive eater Neslie Ricasa prior to defending his title.

I commend Joey Chestnut for his incredible accomplishments.  Anyone who knows the Iceman can tell you that I can eat like it is going out of style, however when I entered a hot dog eating contest several years ago for 600 ESPN El Paso I didn't live up to my reputation.

The contest took place at Cohen Stadium and KLAQ Morning Show host Buzz Adams bet that Fernando Cuevas could eat more hot dogs than the Iceman in a couple of minutes.  I won the contest by the skin of my teeth, but am ashamed to say that I only ate 2 hot dogs in the time allowed.  It was the bread that got me.  So those of you who say that completive eating isn't a sport, try it sometime and see how you fair. This is why Joey Chestnut is truly 'the man,' and will go down in history as one of the greatest champions that we will ever see.

You can see Joey defend his title below:


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