For the 11th time in the last 12 years, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won the annual Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island.  This Fourth of July event has been dominated by Chestnut, who has now won three consecutive titles, and ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes, setting a new world record in doing so.  Chestnut's hot dog count was originally tallied at 64, but he swore in a post game interview that the total was actually 74, after a review was conducted, it was determined that the total was indeed 74.

The race was close during the first quarter as Jaws was finishing his 18th dog, several other competitors including 2015 champion Matt Stonie were close, but Chestnut's aggressive style and pure will and determination enabled him to win by eating an average of 7 hot dogs per minute, and the rest as they say, was history.  On the women's side, Miki Sudo polished off 37 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win her fifth straight title.

Without question, we are witnessing something special with Joey Chestnut, a championship run that may never be accomplished again in competitive sports eating history.  I Love the Fourth of July, as we celebrate our nation's independence, cookout, shoot off fireworks, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy another tremendous performance by the undisputed Nathan's Hot Dog eating champ, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut.


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