Everyone knows that JJ Watt is the new internet phenomenon. Whether it is sacking a quarterback, taking out a Twitter troll, or his 61-inch vertical leap, people on social media keep asking for more. Last night, the Zac Brown Band performed in Milwaukee at their Summerfest Concert Series. Watt, who spends the NFL offseason in his home state of Wisconsin was off to the side of the stage enjoying the show. That was when an over enthusiastic fan of the band jumped up on stage to dance around for a brief moment. Before he could even muster a move, Watt came flying into the picture and delivered a wicked spear to the fan. It was a move that would make WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Jr. smile. Of course the crowd erupted when Watt speared the unsuspecting fan and it "happened" to be caught on video. It is good to know that when Watt's NFL career is over, he can either pursue a pro wrestling career or just become a roadie/bodyguard.