IBF world featherweight champion Jennifer Han came to Bassett Middle School today to speak with the Iceman's seventh and eighth grade Speech classes.  To say that Han's visit was incredible is an understatement!  Jen began by telling my students that she is from El Paso, and explained her extraordinary journey that she has endured en route to becoming the Sun City's first world champion.

Han spoke about her father and how the native of Korea has continuously inspired her to always strive for the best in life, and mentioned that even though she has won a world championship, she is capable of accomplishing so much more.  Jennifer spoke rather fondly about her brother Abie who is also a professional boxer.  Han became emotional when mentioning how happy he was when she won the IBF featherweight championship against Helen Joseph last month.

Jennifer graciously brought her championship belt to class to show students and even let them pass it around to each other.  My students were surprised how heavy the belt was and asked if it was made of real gold.  "El Paso's Sweetheart" talked about her experiences of fighting all around the world such as in Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States.  She mentioned her experience of being on a reality television show where she fought every week for five consecutive weeks.

Jennifer Han at Bassett Middle School.

Han also spoke about her experiences in Russia in 2012 when she coached the junior Olympics team.  Jennifer showed my students a couple of clips of her fights including the championship bout verses Joseph.  She also showed the students a couple of clips of her brother Abie fighting as well.  After answering numerous questions, the most entertaining one being if she would fight Ronda Rousey, Han signed numerous autographs for the kids.

Jennifer Han speaking with the Iceman's Speech class.

Han encouraged my students to get their education and noted, "I can only fight for so long, when I'm done I have a degree in Kinesiology to fall back on."  Han went on to say, "I'm not special, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible."  Jennifer did an exceptional job of motivating the students to follow their dreams and to always commit themselves in life to accomplishing their goals.

Her visit concluded when Jennifer spoke about the importance of Speech class and communication by noting how nervous she used to get when talking in front of people.  Jennifer mentioned how she has to promote her fights and speak with the media all the time, therefore it is vitally important to have exceptional communication skills.

My special thanks to IBF world featherweight champion Jennifer Han for coming to Bassett Middle School to speak with my students.  If you would like to visit her families' martial arts studio where she is an instructor, please go to Han's Oriental Martial Arts at 9861 Dyer, (915) 751-2777.