The Dallas Cowboys have lost every game since quarterback Tony Romo got injured in Week 2. Dallas hoped that backup QB Brandon Weeden could lead the Cowboys to a couple of wins in Romo's absence but he has failed to do so.

It's fair to say that the losses haven't been Weeden's fault. Against the Falcons, the Cowboys scored 28 points in the first half but then the team faulted in the second half. The only game that Weeden played good in was against the Saints in which they lost in overtime. But against the Patriots last Sunday, the offense looked terrible.

So as the Cowboys are in their bye week, head coach Jason Garrett has decided to start Matt Cassel at quarterback hoping the move will give a spark to the struggling offense. Here's what Garrett said at his Wednesday press conference:

“We decided to do this and spoke to both of the players.There are a lot of different reasons you make a decision like this. You evaluate the quarterback and what we’re asking them to do on a daily basis and weekly basis. Also at this position, you look at how the offense is performing and this position has an impact on the entire offensive unit. It certainly has an impact on how the team is performing. Sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it’s unfair but it’s the nature of the position.”

Garret also announced that rookie left guard La’el Collins has been moved to the starting lineup ahead of Ron Leary.

The Cowboys next game is against the New York Giants on Oct. 25.