There’s a new burger spot in El Paso’s west side of town, right near the UTEP campus and the following statement may start a war but…. These burgers may be better than In-N-Out burgers.


I’m talking about Orange Cow Burgers which has opened its second location at 4018 N Mesa. Their original location is still standing strong at 955 N Resler Dr.

I first tasted a delicious Orange Cow Burger one night after hanging out with friends. Their food truck was sitting right outside of Hush Hush Bar and my friends SWORE that their burgers were delicious. And my friends were correct!

I’m not the only person who compares their burgers to In and Out burgers but you’ll have to try them out for yourself to make that decision on your own.

Orange Cow Burger is known for dishing out some of the juiciest and most delectable burgers in town, Orange Cow has become a go-to spot for those seeking flavor-packed indulgence.

What sets Orange Cow apart is its commitment to simplicity and quality. With a straightforward menu featuring their signature burger, customizable with additional patties for the extra hungry, and a side of crispy, golden fries that can be upgraded to loaded perfection, Orange Cow knows how to satisfy burger cravings like no other.

And let's not forget their heavenly shakes, the perfect complement to any burger feast.

Orange Cow Burger’s recently held its grand opening celebration and if your mouth is watering like mine is then you will definitely want to check out their new location for lunch or dinner!

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