The end of the school year is slowly approaching for El Paso school districts and that means that teachers will begin to get creative when it comes to helping their students pass their classes.

One Fabens high school teacher not only found a way to entice his students to pass one of their finals, but he also found a way to support one student’s passion for cutting hair.

In a heartwarming display of dedication and fun, Mr. Luevano made good on a promise to his dual-credit Biology students.

The deal was simple

If the class collectively averaged over 80% on their EPCC Biology finals, he would let one of the students give him a fresh new haircut. The students eagerly accepted the challenge, and with hard work and determination, they surpassed the goal with ease.

True to his word, Mr. Luevano sat down for his unconventional reward. Xavier, the lucky barber of the day, took on the task with enthusiasm and skill. 

This memorable moment wasn't just about a haircut

This was a testament to the strong bond between Mr. Luevano and his students. It highlighted the importance of motivation and the power of setting goals. 

The student's success on their finals was a significant achievement, made all the more special by the unique and personal way it was celebrated.

Mr. Luevano's willingness to follow through on his promise exemplifies the supportive and engaging environment at Fabens High School. 

Courtesy: FitFam El Paso via Instagram
Courtesy: FitFam El Paso via Instagram

I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it: Teachers are real-life superheroes


It also serves as an inspiration for educators and students alike, showing that with a little bit of fun and a lot of effort, educational goals can be both achieved and celebrated in style.

And if you want to support Xavier’s passion for cutting hair you can by booking him through his Instagram page below!

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