Nobody likes cockroaches- they're a pest! And, you know that if you see one, you're going to see another! I'm talking about cockroaches- and once you see one in your home- I'm sure you make it a mission to get rid of them! Unfortunately, if you live in these Texas cities, you're going to be seeing more of them!

Cockroaches in the sink.

Pest Gnome has determined a ranking of the roachiest cities in the country, and sorry to the fine folks in these Texas cities, but you have got a huge roach problem!

How did they come up with the roachiest cities?

To come up with the ranking, Pest Gnome synthesized data from U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to arrive at these rankings. In their rankings, the city that earned the highest average score was ranked as No. 1, or the “Roachiest,” and the lowest average score as No. 25, or “Least Roachy.”

Close up cockroach in white cup drink

So what Texas cities are considered the "roachiest"?

According to Pest Gnome, Dallas ranked at number nine, San Antonio came in at number two, and Houston came in at number one!

Not one, not two, but THREE Texas cities came out on the top ten! According to Pest Gnome, the reason Houston came out on top? The heat and humidity!

The two most common types of cockroaches in Houston? The big, brown, and flying American cockroach (aka palmetto bug) and the kitchen, pantry, and sink-dwelling German cockroach.

American cockroach

I know that the sound of cockroaches in a home makes it seem like it's a dirty home, but sometimes an infestation can happen even in the cleanest of homes! If you want to prevent cockroaches, Pest Gnomes suggests sealing all points of entry, don’t leave crumbs anywhere, and fix any leaky pipes. When Raid and roach motels aren’t doing the job, call in the big guns!

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