It's snake season and, as all snakes wake from their winter naps, rattlesnakes are the biggest concern in Arizona and the southwest.

Rattlesnakes are found in just about all the lower 48 States but are especially common in the southwest, where the biggest populations are found. Rattlers have gotten a bad rap and a class in Arizona hopes to clear things up.

If you find one in the wild, leave it alone. Unless you have absolutely no other option, just move slowly away. Don't try and move or touch it and, if possible, don't kill it. Remember, you wandered into HIS house.

A class being held in Arizona ... that should be held everywhere ... wants to teach people about rattlesnakes, debunk myths and show peeps how to handle one if they have to. If they find one in their yard for example.

What Are Some Myths About Rattlesnakes?

They're aggressive. Nope, if you mess with them you may get bit but if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. In fact, the guy teaching the Arizona class rigged up a fake leg to step on wild snakes. Out of 175, only 6 struck and only 3 went into that infamous "coil".

Speaking of that coil, watch this guy wake up "ready" ... I feel him though, I don't like being woken up either.

Rattlesnake bites are fatal. They can be but mostly they just hurt like hell. Less than 1% of rattlesnake bites are fatal and 25% in a recent study were "dry bites". No venom was injected, common for rattlers as they know to save their venom to kill their prey, not you. Learn more here.

Baby Snakes Are More Deadly Than Adults. Wrong again, potency rarely varies. Age doesn't matter but size does - the bigger it is, the more venom it has to inject.

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What Are Some Other Rattlesnake Facts?

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake, do this.

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