We all know dogs love to chase cars, right? Watch what happens in Texas when they catch one ...

A pair of dogs went medieval on some cars at a Houston car lot, doing over $300K in damage over multiple visits. The furry vandals were pretty smart and managed to avoid capture for a few days.

The four legged furies yanked off bumpers, totally wrecked a few paint jobs and did some other damage over a couple of months before the man finally got 'em.

No one knows for sure what the cars did to upset these guys but one theory is that there were cats hiding under the cars. The brown dog, who was given the name Dasher, seems to be the leader, while the black one was more of a "follower".

Pretty crazy, huh??  These guys were losing their s*** on these vehicles, much to the chagrin of the lots owner.  Imran Haq, finance manager for the lot, said they ran up a repair bill of over $350,000 dollars. Here they are again ...

Dasher got caught first. The other dog was craftier and animal control had to move traps around a few times before they got him. Despite all the grief they gave him, sales manager Gaby Fakhoury holds no grudges.

"(I) just want all my customers to know that everything is taken cared of, and you know, we feel for these dogs, to be honest. But they are in good hands, so we don't have to worry about them right now. They can be adopted, or whatever the city of Houston wants to do," Fakhoury said. - abc13.com

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