School is back in session. Which means that UTEP will be holding their annual back to school festival: Minerpalooza on September 15th. Every year we see plenty of activities & artists performed at Minerpalooza. This year marks the 2nd year they're hosting a Battle of the Bands competition & as a bonus, we will see two huge El Paso artists perform on the main stage on September 15th.

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Who's playing the UTEP Battle of the Bands?

Before we take a look at the 2 finalists for the 2023 Battle of the Bands competition, a quick mention to the bands who made it in the first place. Yolotli, Blushed & Interlude are were in the first round, Interlude made it to the 2nd round.

The 2 finalists performing on the 15th will be Jett Black,

and Sultanes De Yonke,

Who's playing the main stage for UTEP's Minerpalooza?

As a surprise announcement on Tuesday, there will be two additional local bands performing on the main stage. Both bands with a huge following; the first being Melancholy 10 (who performed at last year's battle of the bands).

And Late Night Drive Home; who recently came off a big US/Canada tour and had a huge homecoming show at the Plaza Theater back in August.

And we can't forget DJ Gumby will also be performing on the main stage as well. Gumby as opened up for artists like Sugar Ray, Estelle, Magic! & various events for WWE.

You can find all the information for Minerpalooza on UTEP's website here.

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